Welcome and thank you for visiting our official STF site! We are a non-party and all-party charity foundation that aims to encourage Earth’s population about the gravity and colossal consequences of global warming. Thanks to our open-minded members, we organize and participate at numerous meetings that have the sole purpose of finding solutions and investments in order to retake our planet’s normal temperature.

You might think for the moment that the solutions for global warming are obvious and indisputable, but if you dig a little bit deeper you will find out that the political, economical and ethical aspects involved are not to be ignored.

Principles and Base Concepts of our Society

During our existence we tried and succeed in creating a set of moral aspects to follow when debating with other stakeholders. In this way, the general direction and proof of concept of our topics can maintain a straight a concise line of deduction. Among the main outlines we can state:

  • We focus on analyzing global warming policies and try to provide the most realistic economical and political advice in order to improve the Human Development Index (HDI)
  • Develop, manage and provide information for CCNet policy network, one of the most trusted and respected news and intelligent analysis portal across the globe
  • Provide statistics, based on computer science modeling, about future behavior of planet Earth

Achievements Since Launch

The main reason why our foundation is one of the most trustful, among journalists and policy makers, is that we managed to create a high credibility in the eyes of the debaters and also the high quality work provided by our members.

The results obtained until now are very important and thus we can state:

  • Important role of opinion in climate change debates in the European Parliament
  • Encourage media to balance the positive and negative aspects of climate change coverage
  • Attracted some of the world’s top economists and scientists as members of our council

The Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council states one of the brilliant hall-of-fame panels around the world, in this domain. Further, we will make a small presentation of each member:

  • Professor Christopher Essex
  • Chairman of Global Warming Policy Foundation
  • Professor at The University of Western Ontario in The Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Sir Ian Byatt
  • Former Director General of the Office of Water Services for England and Wales
  • Former Deputy Chief Economic Adviser in HM Treasury
  • Sir Samuel Brittan
  • Eminent economic author and journalist
  • John Constable
  • British energy analyst
  • David Whitehouse
  • Doctorate in astrophysics
  • BBC Science Correspondent and Science Editor at BBC News Online

These are just few of our Board of Trustees. Join us and have a word to say in balancing the climate change debates, so that together we can protect our precious planet.