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Please keep in mind that we require all our members to donate at least $100 dollars to help the STF. In exchange for your interest, you will receive soft copies of all reports published by STF and also an exclusive invitation to the annual STF lecture.

Book Shop

If you want to learn more about us and to create yourself a better vision upon our mission, you are able to buy some of our books release by STF academic advisers and our Chairman.

All the books can be found on Amazon and purchased directly from there. Among our best sellers we state:

  • The Scientist as Rebel (by Freeman Dyson)
  • Climate: The Great Delusion (by Christian Gerondeau)
  • The Role of Business in the Modern World (by David Henderson)
  • The Sun: A Biography (by David Whitehouse)
  • The Poverty of Development Economics (by Deepak Lal)

From these books you can learn how the current climate changes affect our life. Also, facts and reasons of these processes are very well explained. Real statistics enforce your thoughts about your usage of energy and tend to suggest you to change to natural producing sources of energy.

PayPal Donations

Feel free to donate to our foundation if you want! We have released some bank accounts and also we have a PayPal system to receive money from good people that can contribute to researches on Earth’s climate. Not that the funds are entirely invested into ways of reducing the negative effects of climate changes and donations to people who suffered natural disasters, but you will also receive a paper confirming you are a contributor on the Global Warming Foundation actions.

If you have the possibility, we would encourage you to participate to our annual lectures because they are AWESOME! Find out the current economic and politic debates about global warming vs. global greening and stay tuned up with the latest results obtained by scientists across the whole world.

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