Ever wondered what it is about everyone talking of global warming? The action of increasing the global temperature over the last years has been termed as “global warming”. Due to the fact that experts see this trend accelerating this topic has been on the lips of all major economical directors around the world.

Although deniers argued about a pause or a slowdown in the rise of global temperature, a recent paper released in the journal Science has disapproved this claim. Unless we reduce the global-warming emissions, the average temperature will increase with up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century.

It has been reached this state due to the massive collection of air pollutants, like carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gasses, that remain in the atmosphere and create a solar radiation as a result of their property of absorbing solar razes.

Curbing greenhouse effect

The Schienen Troester Foundation tries to fight against the greenhouse effect, commonly known thanks to its harmful potential. The gasses resulted from factories and pollution creates a belt in the atmosphere that is so thick that the heat released by our planet is not dissipated in the space anymore, but it is trapped on the surface. As a result, the temperature felt by humans increase and the air breath by them is polluted with harmful chemical solutions.

The only way this effect can be stopped is by making very deep cuts in emissions and intense promotions on alternatives to fossil fuels. Among the effects already visible of greenhouse gasses stands:

  • Rising the sea level
  • Coastal flooding on the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico
  • Melting glaciers
  • Dramatic water shortages
  • Increased risk of wildfires in West America
  • Disruption of habitats
  • Coral reefs extinction
  • Disaster on forests and farms
  • New pests, heat waves
  • Flooding, heavy downpours

Causes of Global Warming

The climate system can almost spontaneously change its course due to the many extern factors that affects him. We know that a global temperature change require external forcings, but does this anyone?

There are a well defined set of causes that created this enormous temperature rise, causes determined by scientist who studied our planet’s most affected places. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Aerosols and soot
  • Consist in a decrease of the amount of direct irradiance at Earth’s surface.
  1. Solar activity
  • The measured solar irradiance indicates that Sun’s radioactive output hadn’t increased during the last 50 years, so that the current global warming cannot be placed on its shoulders.
  1. Earth’s orbit Variations
  • Due to the slight variations of Earth’s axis and its orbit around the Sun, climate changes may appear and a new glacial period may be involved in the far future.

How Can I Reduce Global Warming?

The negative effects that our planet is forced to endure come mostly due to humans lack of responsibility and greed for power. Our only salvation is to create a concept inside each person’s mind that we must protect and take care of nature.

Only in this way we can succeed. The change begins with you!