There are different websites that offer selling unranked League of Legends account, but what you should be looking at is which place you should buy them from.

The reason why these League of Legends account are sold is because there are certain players that do not like playing the game from the bottom level, creating their own character while progressing in the game. The selling of these accounts has become really popular in the late, because these accounts are either from players that have given up their old accounts in exchange with new ones, or they make a living creating unranked accounts. The unranked accounts are those that have not progressed much in the game, but at least the character has already been formed.

Where to find the best unranked LoL accounts?

If you type “unranked LoL accounts” into the search engine, you will find the topmost link of They are the most popular place for buying unranked LoL accounts. Most reviews from players say the most positive things, such as getting their accounts on time or faster than they’ve expected. Others say they got their account instantly and the transaction was very straightforward.

What is the LoL smurf account?

If you take a look at’s website, they will tell a disclaimer about how it is the right place to look for smurf accounts. You’ll also land in their website if you are looking for unranked accounts, too.

First time players of League of Legends have to start with Level 1, which is the default of the game’s system. This means that the players only get to use what is made available to them such as masteries, runes, champions, summoner spells and the game modes made available to them. For some players, this is very boring and that they want to battle it out like they are already strong enough to beat most enemies in the lower levels.

The good news about these accounts is that you keep playing the game and then level up your account, you get to unlock more features and new spells in the game. What some players do not like about this is that it will take a lot of time to do so. The time that you get to reach level 30, which you will be able to unlock the capacity to play with ranked matches. The ranked matches are what most LoL players are dying to play for and for those that do not have the patience to wait for that level just settle with buying an unranked account.

What all these means is that once you have bought an account, all you need to do is just log into it and play the game. You can find accounts that are already activated to play in these ranked matches, if that is what you want. However, it is still your final decision whether or not you prefer to start from level 1 or start at level 30 to get into the ranked matches.