Haven’t heard of Kik girls? It is an instant messaging app where you can connect with other Kik users. It is just like many other instant messaging apps, but this one is not that very popular compared to other established IM apps today like the one in Facebook and Google+. But this doesn’t mean to say that you have to ignore this messenger service. The reason? There are millions of users out there that are registered to Kik, and it will help you spread awareness on how people should take care of the environment more.

Private messaging

Just like many other instant messaging apps, Kik provide a more private and intimate communication through different social networks. This is why they are preferable when it comes to sharing classified or personal information. Personal circumstances, grades and payment details can’t be shared in public because it will be abused by people that want to take advantage of it. However, with the IM service, people are able to freely share their personal information.

Cost effective and constant connection

Once you have the app ready, all you need to do is find people that you already know are connected or using Kik. You can start with your friends and then connect with their friends and so on. There is no magic trick with this one – once you add them in your Kik app and they add you back, you can communicate with them anytime and anywhere you want. You don’t have to worry about getting “disconnected” that phone lines are commonly known for, because you can still send idle messages to them and wait for their reply. This is what being constantly connected is all about. This also means that you need not worry about running out f credit.

The constant connectivity takes out the cost that you have to pay per message through the traditional way of communicating through phone. This will give you more frequencies to send messages, inquiries or questions sent through Kik without spending a single cent. This also means that the hit rate is at a 100 percent since the message will be sent to them without missing it out. What’s more, the message gets sent instantly. According to CTIA, which is a wireless association, the average time it takes for the text message to be read is 90 seconds while emails at an average of 90 minutes. This means that you get to incorporate instant messaging through your environmental awareness marketing in the conversations, making it faster than before.

Instant notifications

There are many reasons for the success behind instant messaging, and one of them is because of its title – they are instant. It is different from other social media channels since there is no need for a login page, requirement for password or other security details to navigate through the app. Since the content of the message is shown right in front of the eyes of the target audience, it will give them time to react or respond.