Based on the title of this article, what do you think is the topic about? Is it about a coffee grinder? The only reason that you have landed here is because you are looking for weeds – ones that you use for vaping. You will need a proper grinder if you want to taste the best weed when you vape on it. If not, you will never be able to experience what true weed is really like.

It doesn’t matter of the kind of vaporizer you are using. Without the herb grinders, you are only doing half the fun of what vaping is really like. You can’t even deny it at this point.

It is very important that you have in your possession some really cool grinders. It doesn’t matter whether it is only one or more. When you were careful about choosing the right vaporizer, the same principle is applied with choosing the right grinder.

Start with non-toxic, safe and efficient.

It should be a cool grinder that is not only as described above, but durable, too. It should also fit towards your need and style with vaping.

Here is a question – are you the kind that vapes quite a good amount of the herbs in just a single sitting with your friends? Or do you prefer to keep a small stash along when you go outdoors to vape? These two questions are guide for you that will affect the kind of grinder you will need. Many are intimidated at this point because of the sheer amount of grinders in the market, but it doesn’t need to be.

The good thing about you ending up here is that you find a simplified version of how to choose the best and cool grinder for your weed.

Wood grinder

Wood is considered by many as the most difficult to construct. Since it is usually handmade, there are not that many wood herb grinders available in the market. And you can already tell why it is so – because of the material that is difficult to form because it needs to be carved, unlike with acrylic and metal wherein it is easy to form them. Taking this at a business standpoint, it is difficult to mass produce wood grinders, so expect them to be very expensive. Many weed smokers prefer this material because of the kind of feel that it gives.

But there is a disadvantage to wood – a one compartment item. This means that you can’t enjoy the whole kief when you choose this type.

Metal grinder

This is the most popular choice, which is already obvious when you compare it with the wooden material that is hard to come by. The metal material used in the grinder can either be titanium or aluminium. In most cases, it is the aluminium base material but coated with titanium. Most of these are advertised as titanium, but they are just titanium coated aluminium grinder.