In the extent of sustainable efficiency resolutions, the Innovation and capability Voucher (ICV) stratagem is intended to improve major profitability developments in organizations, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Organizations can make use of the ICVs to improve and reinforce various areas in their business processes just like the Productivity and Innovative Credit stratagem, and recently organizations can also use ICV grant for internet site integrated solutions exclusively.

Now, what are ICVs all about and how are they profitable to your organizations? Can ICV grant still be used for web improvement services and website design? An exclusive stratagem designed and adopted by Spring Singapore, ICVs intend to specifically help efficiency developments in SMEs.

Urging SMEs to risk venturing in the direction of capability improvements, the administrations in which ICVs can be utilized involve consultancy, approval, and execution of basic solutions to improve proficiency and productivity. The ICVs is based on a limit of 8 cash vouchers which cost $5,000 for each voucher, and it can use up to 2 vouchers for each capacity territory and 1 voucher at once, in the distinctive assigned territories once the application for such administrations is affirmed by Spring Singapore.

The services offered by ICVs can be categorized into two sections, productivity solutions n and consultancy schemes. And these efficient areas involved under each section have been stated below in accordance with the updates which take effect from December 1st, 2014.

Consultancy Schemes

  • Productivity
  • Financial Management
  • Innovation
  • Human Resource

Productivity Solutions

  • Mobile Menu Ordering System
  • HR E-scheduling System
  • Point-of-Sales System
  • Asset/Worker Identification & Tracking System
  • 5s Implementation for F&B Micro Enterprises
  • Product Display and Store Layout

Though PIC grant is quite similar to the ICV grant, the only similarities they have in common is urging SMEs to additionally develop their capabilities. First of all, the ICV grant in somewhat strict in requirements. Unless the productivity hardware in its rudimentary form meets specific capability purpose it is not offered.