Throughout the last 50 years it has been continuously researched ways to counter the negative side effects of global warming. Even if enormous amount of funds has been released in this way, scientists all around the world gathered together in order to try to save our precious planet.

Summing all actions, it has been found three main responses to the actual climate change problems, presented further in this article to create a positive inception in our public audience conscience.

Climate Change Mitigation

The term “mitigation” gained a high frequency on energy producers’ lips across the globe. The term refers to actions of reducing the emissions of air pollutants responsible for the greenhouse effect and enhancing the capacity of carbon sinks to absorb the chemical solutions in the atmosphere.

In order to obtain the desired results, many actions have been proposed by environmental organizations, but a small amount of them has been seriously considered. Some of them are:

  • Increase the efficiency of energy production
  • Energy conservation
  • A higher usage of technologies with a low-carbon emission rate (renewable energy, nuclear energy etc.)
  • Increase carbon sink through reforestation and reducing the deforestation

Population Adaption

Even though climate change is possible to be limited, it is not likely to be done in the near future. Thus, the term of “adaptation” has been highly promoted among foundations and public figures around world. The process of conformation with the actual state of nature takes time to be mastered, and probably a significant number of generations until we can be able to say we control it.

Costs of this very important process are not fully understood, but calculations in this way are done in the last decade. The implication of government has been for a big breath of air, because all the research funds towards the environmental protection were coming from multinational organizations.

The latest term in population adaptation to global warming changes is “adaptive capacity”, which summarizes aspects:

  1. Ability of a system to adapt to some specific conditions
  2. The ability to moderate potential damages
  3. To cope with the resulted consequences
  4. Profit on every opportunity occurred

Cutting-Edge Solution: Climate Engineering

Words have spread across scientific debates and actions have been made. Also called geo-engineering, climate engineering represents the act deliberate modification of the climate through man-made processes. Top world associations, such as NASA and Royal Society, have taken actions in this way, but the results didn’t rise at the expected level.

At the current technological and economical state, solutions like solar radiation management or special carbon dioxide removal actions has been proven to be very ineffective or with a very harmful potential to the current environment.

Maybe in the near future, our young and eager to learn scientists to be, will find a proper and optimal solution to reduce the ascending trend of the global warming and together, united, we may have a chance to stand against the extreme anomalies predicted to happen on Earth.