Whenever someone mentions the red carpet, what is the first image that comes into mind? Mostly celebrities that walk through it and show their drop dead gorgeous gowns. It can also represent the way where royal families go through to present themselves to the public. In other words, using the red carpet represents special treatment to whoever walks through it. These days, red carpets are not only limited to VIPs, celebrities or the royal families. They are used in almost any events, whether it is just a small time one. Using the red carpet means that anyone that passes through it is regarded in high value, whether or not the event itself is not as big as the ones celebrated in Hollywood.

Red Carpets in Events

If you have a particular activity wherein you want to present important people and let them walk at an aisle where everyone is going to look, you should consider getting a red carpet rental. Red carpets can be quite expensive if you were to buy one for yourself, so it is more convenient and efficient to rent one. They are usually offered by those who also offer rental on other equipment and items that are used in events, such lights and sounds. Any events will do as long as you find the use of the red carpet very important. These events can include corporate, 18th birthday, sweet 16, graduation, presentation of awards and even weddings.

History of the Red Carpet

No one is really sure about the origin of the red carpet, but a lot of aspects in the culture of humanity suggest that it started all the way back into Ancient Greece and their classical play of Agamemnon.

Agamemnon, the character of the story itself, is welcomed into his home by his own wife through a grand reception using a deep purple and red carpet, which are the colors of the gods. Agamemnon was a very arrogant character while his wife named Clytemnestra just wants to show her love by having her husband walk all over the other gods, literally using the red carpet. Eventually he was able to do so, but only after he protested that the red carpet was only worthy to be walked over by a god.

This fable has been passed down through many centuries, and the color purple began to fade from time to only deep red, which people see today.

In railroads, they have practiced rolling out the red carpets on platforms in order to direct the passengers where they should go. Hotels even roll out carpets at the entrance to different points into the place, which dominates the lobbies for the arriving guests.

VIP Treatment

These days, the use of the red carpet is widely embraced in the entertainment industry, especially in the Oscars or Grammy ceremonies. Many of the world’s beautiful and glamorous celebrities have their own image relayed through magazines and TV stations all over the world, which is a depiction of the modern gods in the ancient Greek fable of Agamemnon.