Many players of League of Legends are more interested to get their own smurf accounts that are made available for sale. The rise of the smurf accounts started out when the game League of Legends became very popular for accounts to be sold. These accounts are already arranged by an experienced player with selling the account in mind. However, they do not make these accounts very powerful as most of the games today have systems that are able to detect accounts that have undergone the process arranged by the smurf player. All smurf players are experienced and have high level accounts, but they hide their identity, pretending to be beginners of the game.

The bad reputation of smurf players

Many expert players do not like the existence of smurf players. The reason is because they love to pretend that they are complete beginners of the game, but in fact their true purpose is just to bully other accounts that are just starting to play the game. Smurf accounts weren’t viewed this way before until the abuse came into power. This is why the system of League of Legends have been fortified in order to detect smurf accounts by doing a double verification, but as of this writing it seems it is not enough yet. The admins of Riot games still have to do more work through investigations. This way it will limit entry for smurf accounts and improve the gaming experience for beginners.

Buying accounts from unranked smurfs

While smurf players are generally experts, there is also the selling of accounts referred to as unranked smurf accounts. The selling of accounts, especially with the League of Legends game, got really popular when many players are asking for help on how they can get to Level 30, the level where the ranked matches are unlocked and most spells and other features are already made available.

Players of League of Legends or any other MMORPG games that offer smurf accounts have to decide whether they want to start the game from level 1 and work their way up in the higher levels, or start with an account that has already enough abilities and spells that can make them play in ranked matches. The reason why many players are looking for these smurf accounts, unranked or not, is because they do not want to wait for a very long time to get to the higher levels that will make them participate in certain areas of the game only made available for higher levels.

Where to buy unranked smurf accounts?

It is easy to buy unranked smurf accounts as long as you use the search engine the right way. As of the moment, the most trusted site to buy unranked smurf accounts is at They got very high reviews from their customers who buy smurf LoL accounts from them. This is where you can start looking for accounts if you wish to start playing League of Legends at a level that provides access to most of the features in the game.